Blog 44…. How Much Can They Steal ?

I filed a motion on 21 June 2019, with the Somerset County Court, to determine why the defendant, Debra Albano, and the “trustee”, Heidi Lepp, removed, collected an/or was given as part of the original settlement, an amount in EXCESS of $270,00.00 of the second “settlement” by ‘judge’ Stephen Rubin.

Money and assets taken, not only from me, but also my daughter and grandchildren by that low life, ‘judge’ Stephen Rubin.

Taken, not only to give Debra Albano, 707 Haven Place, Linden, N J , (to the tune of $500,000.00, plus all she got in the original settlement of 2004), but also to pay Debra`s “legal fees” to Jeney & Jeney of Scotch Plains, N J, of $169,700.00.

Oh wait ! I almost forgot, “judge” Stephen Rubin also gave $20,000.00 of my money to Heidi Ann Lepp, who is employed by Shimalla, Wechsler, lepp &D`Onofrio, of 101 Town Center s-117, Warren, NJ, to, get this, “collect my assets and give them to Debra Albano, and my home also, if he, (meaning me), cannot pay the “judgment”, which Rubin knew I could not pay  !

Funny thing, they ALL knew where ALL my assets were since September 2013…….

Proof ? Carol Jeney, Debra Albano`s lawyer, has been gnawing at them since 2014, as payment of Debra`s continuing “legal fees”. Apparently, Debra Albano doesn`t pay her own fees, even though she was mandated to pay her own “fees”, in 2012 !!

So the question remains, WHY ! … WHY did “judge” Rubin give this woman, Hiede Lepp $20,000.00 to collect what was already being taken ????? WHY ?, HUH ? ???

Maybe Rubin didn`t trust Carol Jeney or Robert Jeney with “li`l Debbie`s” loot.

In total over $1,000,000.00 was STOLEN from me and my family, (includes our home), by people who lied and perjured themselves over and over, and “judges” who wantonlty flaunt the law.

This ‘motion’ to get an accounting of what they Stole, was heard by the infamous, and “honorable” Robert Ballard on 16 August 2019.

You remember him, he`s the guy who apparently did not know the Federal Statue
42 US 407 Sec 207, or why it exists. (Social Security Funds cannot be levied !!)

Of course he ‘denied’ my motion…….. What else is new ??

Thanks to Ballard, I still have no accounting of all the money & assets they stole from me and my family, and probably never will……That was their plan from the beginning

Because this particular ‘motion’ is under appeal, which will take more than a year to be decided, I cannot comment on the conduct of the “honorable” Robert Ballard during said appeal.

It`s really unfortunate I am restricted, if I wasn`t, it would be a real eye opener as to the Arrogance displayed by these “officials”.

Coming up………Blog 45……”Rules ??..They`re only for working people, not us”…

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