Let`s Hurt His Family

BLOG 13….

Still No Trial……..

In January 2015, ‘D’s lawyers interrogated my daughter at a ‘deposition’ held at ‘D’s lawyer`s office in Scotch Plains, NJ.

‘D’s lawyers interrogated my daughter to the point of emotional distress, trying to make my daughter slander me, her father !!

‘D’s lawyer`s tried to provoke my daughter to say that the gifts and assets I saved for her since she was a infant, were given to her “fraudulently”, as were the gifts I gave my grandchildren since they were born.

As I said before, ‘D’ and her team, have no bottom to their behavior in their lustful pursuit of someone else`s money.

Just a couple of sidebars to this situation of ‘D’ and her team`s unholy behavior;

1. On 2 December 2014, I mailed a letter to ‘D’ offering her my personal assets, with no strings, if she, ‘D’, would stop and not allow any more future harm to my family, including my then 95 year old mother.

Of course she ignored my plea, apparently derives much perverse pleasure in harming innocent people !!

2. Prior to my daughter being interrogated by ‘D’s lawyers, an apparent agreement was reached between my daughter`s lawyer and ‘D’s lawyers, agreeing that if no “fraud” was found during the “interrogation”, my daughter and my grandchildren were to be released from the divorce case..
No “fraud” was proven, and both sides agreed there was no “fraud”, however my family was never released from the case….( copy of letter dated 6 January 2015 between my daughter`s lawyer and ‘D’s lawyer is attached).

I can only guess as to the reason why my family was never released from the case, but I do know that the “legal fees” kept rising.

Next came the interrogation of my 95 year old mother, and my brother.

Proving once again, that ‘D’ is capable of anything !

‘D’s lawyers made my Mom travel 50 miles round trip to attend this “interrogation”.

‘D’s lawyer`s sole purpose for this interrogation of my 95 year old mother, was to get my Mother to say that money I gave toward her support, was given to her “fraudulently” !!.. (since 1996) !

Bet you thought ‘D’ and her team couldn`t go any lower ? Well, they do, and they did !

And remember, they couldn`t have pulled all this unsavory crap without the assistance and willing help of other “players” !!!

It was during this time I told my attorney about ‘D’s perjuries, and about the very suspicious multiple signatures on court documents, especially of ‘judge`s’ signatures.
He thought that I should pursue my suspicions with the proper authorities.

I did, and that is going to make for very interesting reading in later installments…….

I had also started writing to the “proper authorities” at about this time, you might call it a letter writing campaign for ‘justice’…….

From time to time I will be inserting copies of those letters to the “proper authorities”.
Of course, with the proper redactions, wouldn`t want to hurt their tender feelings !!

Coming up……..Installment # 14………..”Persona Non Grata” ..??


Let`s Burn the Plaintiff, Again…….

BLOG 12………

What do you know……another “Civil Action Order” issued by ‘judge’ #4 on 31 October 2014.

Of course I found out about this one later and after the fact.

It`s really amazing how these things just keep happening.

You guessed it……’D’s lawyer was given another $1,369.50 “counsel fees” which I was forced to pay…….which again was STOLEN from my daughter`s ITF account at a later date !!

Somebody hand wrote on the’order’ that if I didn`t pay up, I was threatened with “community service”.

I`m sure you all remember that my assets are still ‘frozen’, so they knew very well that I couldn`t pay !!!

Now, is it clear how the ‘game’ is played.

I`m attaching this ‘order’, and another order, (dated 27 February 2015), to this Blog so you can see for yourself the multiple signatures of this ‘judge’s’ name on these orders………..think something smells, well I do !!

In case you forgot, the same pattern existed with the previous ‘judge’, #3……

And now we come to the most unbelievable performance by ‘D’s lawyer at PNC Bank in Branchburg, NJ.

A performance truly worthy of an “OSCAR”..

On or about 12 December 2014, in the AM, me, my lawyer, and ‘D’s lawyer, entered PNC Bank in Branchburg, NJ.

I presented ‘D’s lawyer with a document to sign before she inventoried the contents of my “safe” deposit box.

The document stated, that because there were personal papers belonging to individuals not remotely connected with this divorce case, I wanted ‘D’s lawyer to sign a confidentiality document so as to protect those innocent parties.

Prior to having this document signed by ‘D’s lawyer, I cleared it with my lawyer, who deemed there was nothing objectionable in the document, and was rather benign.

What followed was behavior so bizarre, so absurd, as to defy explanation !

‘D’s lawyer when I asked her to sign the document, began running around the bank lobby, ranting and raving like a lunatic, about how I was abusing her, and etc., and used the bank`s phone to call ‘judge’ #4.

Only the “Shadow” knows what crap she told ‘judge’ #4.

I believe that the people in the bank, like myself, were mortified by ‘D’s lawyer`s outrageous behavior. It`s like it was scripted !

In any event there was no inventory that day.

With out allowing me any right to address ‘D’s lawyer`s behavior at the bank, not surprisingly, ‘judge’ #4 issued another order to inventory my “safe” deposit box, only this time I, ME, was not allowed to be present inside the bank !!!!!!!

“D’s lawyer took almost five hours to snoop through my “safe” box. (Should have taken ten minutes, but you understand if you do things honestly, you can`t run up “legal fees”.)

Even after the inventory, I still was never able to get into my “safe” box.

The harassment never ends !

Coming up…..Blog # 13……………”Let`s hurt his family”…….





Napoleonic Complex. Anyone


BLOG 11…..

On 29 August 2014, another hearing, BUT STILL NO TRIAL, was held by ‘judge’ #4.

Before I let you in on all the gory details of this “hearing”, you need a little background info…..

My lawyer, requested a weeks delay of this hearing because he had a planned family vacation.

Knowing this, I decided to take a little trip also, assuming the ‘judge’ would let the poor guy have a week off.

Remember what I said earlier about “judges”……

The ‘judge’ refused to give my lawyer a one week delay………..this, after ‘D’s lawyer got multiple delays prior to this and at later hearings !!!

Her, the ‘judge`s’ reason was, “this has gone on long enough !”….(it went on for another three years, almost to the day !!)….( and she, the ‘judge’, spent the next year herself on my case……go figure……)

You will see shortly why all this preamble matters.

And so the ‘hearing was held on the 29th…….

I wasn`t there, and neither was my lawyer…but alas, I was “represented”, by my lawyer`s “competent” boss …

When you read page 9, lines 10 through 17, of the transcript, (attached to this Blog), you will understand why my lawyer was refused a weeks delay. (The entire transcript is a public document….before you read it, take an antacid …….)

This guy, my so called rep, went to great pains to STAB ME in the BACK !!

On top of this, he Mocked me for having a copy of one of the checks used to pay ‘D’ the settlement she agreed to 2004 !!!

What are these creatures taught in law school ?????…. It`s certainly not ethics, or integrity !

But there you have it………..let the good lawyer go away, bring in the ringer, they win, I lose !!!

Are you all catching on to how the “game” is played ??

Don`t worry if your not, there is whole lot more to come, a whole lot !!

Obviously, her, the ‘judge`s’, decision was against me……Suprised ??

On 10 October 2014, another Civil Action hearing was held by this ‘judge’, #4…..

Apparently my lawyer was there, but oddly enough, I have no record of being notified….Hm-m

This “Civil Action order was to allow ‘D’`s lawyer access to my safe deposit box at PNC Bank.

In the next installment, what I am going to tell you about the ‘performance’ of ‘D’`s lawyer at the day of the “inspection”, at the bank, in front of a lobby full of people, you would think Me and my family committed a capitol crime, it will make you hysterical.

I`m attaching this “C. A. Order” to this blog so you can see multiple handwritings on it, something that I told you previously was never supposed to be coming out of Somerset County court.

In a future installment, I`m going to show you multiple signatures of this ‘judge`s’ name on various court orders coming out of her court room !!

And that`s just the beginning !


Coming up, Blog #12,……….”Let`s turn up the heat on the Plaintiff”……

Destroyed by Fiat

BLOG #9 ……………post 25 January 2018

“Shh-h, Let us not tell the Plaintiff”..again !

As you will remember in previous installments, that neither I, The plaintiff, nor any of my attorneys, were notified of the court dates of 3 February, and 9 May of 2014.

‘D’s team found out that when you hide what you`re doing, you can make a lot of things go your way.

That`s precisely what ‘judge’ #3 and the ‘D`s lawyer did.

To prove to you that these ‘people’ are capable of anything, Debra, that`s her name, filed suit against my daughter, my grandchildren, and my 95 year old mother.

The premise ‘D’ used was, that my 95 year old mother, and daughter, and minor grandchildren, were somehow part of a “fraud”.

You know why ?…….Because I, me, gave them birthday and Christmas gifts !!!!!!!
And because I invested my daughter`s money since she was born, for the last 48 years !!!

Obviously they cannot understand a man caring for his family…..maybe they didn`t have fathers ?

I guess I`m a “bad boy”…….as Lou Costello used to say.

‘Judge’ #3, to his credit, probably because of the harm he caused others in the past, couldn`t let my minor grandchildren, and mom, go through this b******t.

However he let Debra continue her “suit” against my daughter.

Debra`s lawyer however, was not content to let tranquility reign in the lives of innocent people, she continued to harass my 95 year old mother, and my daughter. as you will see.

They do these types of harassment in the name of, “justice”, and client “interest”.

But the real reason, of course, is to run up legal ‘fees’ !

Stop and think;
They produce nothing, accomplish nothing, spread hate and animosity, and pontificate about how important they are. …How else can they eat ??

See Luke, 11:46

In addition, ‘judge’ #3 said I had to comply with previous court orders concerning the requested financial documents.

In previous installments you learned that I had complied, and complied…..
Don`t forget the approximately 4500 records that an ex ‘lawyer’ of mine, in spite of clear and concise instructions to the contrary, hand delivered the records to ‘D`s lawyer.

So you see, if your NOT AT the “hearing”, you can`t point out these facts…….they ‘win`.

Some racket……. some ‘ethics’ !

‘Judge’ #3 also paved the way for my daughter and my mother to be the subject of depositions.
Depositions that were more like criminal interrogations than civil questions.

You can verify all of this by getting a copy of the ‘court order’ dated 9 May 2014…
docket #FM-18-426-12………….it`s free……

Debra made my 95 year old mom travel 50 miles, (round trip), just to humiliate, and treat her like a common criminal……and of course, to try to coerce me into giving them the money they wanted, but NEVER earned, nor deserved !

Using and harassing a man`s family, including a 95 year old woman, just to try to extort money from me………..
‘Debra knows no boundaries, has no bottom to her behavior, as this and future installments will clearly show.

‘D’ and her team, as you will continue to see throughout this case, always had very interested, and compliant “assistants” to help out…………or so to speak.

Number 10 coming up…………”Napoleonic complex anyone ?”